Fear, anger, and loss walk in to a bar

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  • Afearangerbar
  • kindness in the world
  • the waters chicks
  • feelings
  • Diana Bybel
  • the waters chicks
  • hard times
  • AWORSTYRmindset (1)
  • stronger than fear
  • be kind
  • love yourself first

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1 Response

  1. Carol Loftin says:

    Without elaborating, thank you, thank you, thank you…for your humanity, your honesty, your vulnerability, and your courage written into the words of this writing. I know they are truth, and they are an encouragement to my present situation. I am stirred to quit running from my truth, lest it destroy what semblance of myself is left. With all sincerity, please know that your candid words help others…and I am one.

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