the waters chicksWho are The Waters Chicks?

Our identity as the Waters Chicks started shortly after we both finalized our divorces. Choosing a completely new last name was important as we began our new life together. It signified our togetherness and referring to ourselves as The Waters Chicks helped remind us that as a couple we were important even if no one else thought so.

Because we came out later in life, left long term marriages, and changed the way our families looked, our relationship was a hard sell to others.  Our relationship was characterized as a mid-life crisis and seen as less than as we moved forward simply because we were lesbians.

As a way to insulate ourselves from the hurt, and as a joke, we began calling ourselves The Water Chicks. What began as a joke became a reminder of our strength and commitment to live authentically and on our own terms. We do what we want.

Over time, as we expanded our circle of friends, we noticed others began referring to us as the Waters Chicks. The self-declared nickname stuck and has been a reminder that while still individuals, we are stronger together than we are apart, and a kick ass team.

What we believe.

Building a life together from the ground up has helped us learn about our strength. We work hard, play hard, and fight for those who are vulnerable. We are smart, funny, talented, and on a mission to “handle our shit” every day.

As flawed, imperfect, works in progress, we are guilty of using colorful language in every day conversations. When unexpected things happen, we cry, curse, feel pain, and worry but we also laugh, rally, fight, and never give up.

Our message is simple. Be kind. Be authentic and willing to do the hard work to find peace within.

Finding peace means stretching outside of comfort zones and sharing ourselves with others. It means learning to speak up,  stand tall, and learning how to add more love and understanding in the world.


This is our outlet. As married lesbian women who are raising a family and creating a life together we have a lot to say about many topics including women’s rights, LGBTQ discrimination, and human rights.   We may also have a lot to say about nothing at all.

We created this space to provide one place for information about the projects we are always working on. There are no rules, schedules, or pressure to post anything. Freedom. Just us, being us.


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